Less than a month to go! Just got back from din with Ro who gave us advice for our trek. The altitude thing is a gamble so I’m hoping we can cope. Prep time starts tomorrow. Long runs…bah.

I’ve always wondered how it feels to train with thin air. Maybe I’ll do a short 500m in Cusco. LOL





This isnt my proudest moment…

So, I’ve signed up, signed up for the HALF. Sigh. One day, I will run a full.  I feel like such a LET DOWN. Sigh.

2012 summer has been good so far even though Chris and I decided to work right through it. A lot of fam jams have been had , Sam had his first swim, Chris turned 30, and a lot of home renos pretty much sums up the last few months. Managed to get some swim time at the Castanedas which is always nice. Besides that, it’s been daily runs with Sammo and a few times with the whole fam, Chris included. Pretty low key, I would say.

I do however have to get myself to do a couple of long runs in the next few weeks. The weather is starting to cooperate a bit and it hasnt been scorching lately, so I really have to make the most out of the ‘good’ run days. In a months time, Chris and I are off to backpack South and Central America. Not really sure how to train for the altitude but I hope I get in enough shape to be able to not totally suck at the hikes. LOL. Uphill battle is the story of my life!!!

Then comes the fall runs, my all time fave!! Hope Ro signs up for another set of swimming classes with me. We also suck at swimming but I do believe we’re getting better. Hopefully I can keep up some sort of training through winter and maybe a 42 in 2013 perhaps?! LOL If I dont, this blog title will be a total fake!! haha.

This blog thing is hard to upkeep. HELLO, AUGUST!!! Happy birthday to my cuz, Jaye =)

Need to rejig the playlist! I’m hoping for a good long run this LONG weekend! Hope the home renos dont TKO me first.

Playing Catch Up

WOOHOO!! Love day offs! It’s been a few months since I’ve updated this blog. Woke up early this morning to catch up on some tasks that I seem to save for lunch breaks. I’ve managed to get all our tax docs ready, pay bills, open our stacks of mail (+organize them), make some travel plans, and sign up for a run! It’s no 42, but it’s def one of my faves – Sporting Life 10k. With my lack of winter training, I’ve also decided to do the Scotiabank marathon instead of the Toronto one in May. I suck. Totally.

Much of my time has been spent working late hours in my developmental role BUT a new role awaits this May (yay!!). It’s closer to home and I wouldn’t have to take the Go or the ttc, so I hope to have more time to train.  Daily runs with Sam aren’t that long, let’s say 3-5k max, so I really do need to get my ass out for my Sunday long runs.

Goal wise, let’s say 21 by mid June. F. LOL. Sorry, knees.

Let’s do this.

The New Job

I told myself that I’d like a career change before the big 3-0. The door of opportunity opened in December and I ran right in. This only meant that mornings are earlier, the days are longer and well, the motivation to run dwindles. Often do I come home drained wishing for nothing but my bed. The only thing that forces me outside nowadays is that Sam needs to be walked twice a day. The ice and windchill makes it even worse. Motivation, hydration and eating healthy should help me boost this winter laziness funk I’m slowly digging myself in. I suck and need to work on these…

What an awful post. I need a good long run.


Beautiful Day

This one always, always gets me pumped and teary eyed. If I had to have a theme song, this would be it. On my wedding day, I blasted this that whole morning…as I ate fruit loops. This one gets me every single time. On my runs, this one often gets repeats and most of the times, I play it on my last 500k (if not, Eminem). LOL. Enjoy!

Love, love, love India Arie.

What do you think about?

Almost always will I be equipped with my iPod when I’m out pounding on pavements. I’m the type that would sing along to my songs especially if its on the power playlist. Most tunes are hand picked that remind me of happy moments but others are motivational, somewhat forward looking. Running longer distances, you have all this time to yourself to think about everything and anything to keep you from remembering how much it sucks that your right knee is weak as sh*t and how much that lack of an arch on your feet is giving way to this slow agonizing pain.  So what do I think about?? Here are a few things that go through my mind:

  • Love. Chris. Our wedding. Our future.
  • Hiphop and good beats
  • Family. Friends. Good times.
  • Travel. How I’d rather be elsewhere.
  • The future..in life and crossing the finish line.
  • Why am I doing this again???
  • Goals. Missions. Big things. Dreams.
  • Sad times. People I miss.
  • Eminem. Angry times (believe me, this is motivational).
  • What I want to eat to celebrate finishing this race.

What do YOU think about?

The four month schedule

Just did up the four month marathon training schedule. Today is day one. Total weekly mileage starts up at 25k and goes up to as high as 57k and back to 21 before the big FOUR TWO. Somewhere in between this, I’d like to run a 10 or half but I haven’t decided yet. Winter seems mild this year but it still sucks that I have to train in this weather. The only plus side to winter besides the holidays is that I get some one on one time with the mountain. Planning on hitting the slopes this weekend!! Have to be extra cautious this time around though, what with my limited training time. Total goal mileage this week = 25.

Family runs are always a treat!

Couldn’t have asked for better winter running weather than today. So much so that Chris and I were both wearing shorts….in January! Sam was good for the most part. I’m guestimating it to be about 5k. Hoping to do a longer run by myself tomorrow to give me good gauge to where I am in terms of endurance, strength, breathing, pace and mentality. For now, I need to revisit the playlist and add a few tracks that I keep meaning to upload.

This one is one of my faves. Reminds me of good times had and good times to come.


Meet our running partner, Sam!
Chocolate lab retriever; 50lbs
Born on July 15, 2011 in Bruce County
Loves to eat carrots, freeze dried liver & kibble
Canine Campus graduate
Loves to play fetch run, sniff, give kisses

Bestfriend – Martha the Cow (and us of course)On rest. Winter got the best of me today and I chose to opt out of our morning run. Instead, Sam and I power walked around the block and played a little fetch in the backyard instead. Chris had afternoon walking duties, so I got to hide indoors for the rest of the night as well. This little guy loves the snow but ice is a different story. We really need to get him some booties if  we expect him to do winter runs with us.

Love ya, Sammo! / Photo by Foxrain.ca